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6 Common Misconceptions About CBD

There are many misunderstandings and misinformation about CBD that may not be very clear. In this post we will tackle six of the most significant CBD myths and separate the facts from fiction.

1. THE MISCONCEPTION: CBD is unique to people with anxiety and chronic pain.

THE FACT: CBD can help ease anxiety and alleviate pain — two of the most prevalent uses — but they are not the only benefits of CBD. Post-workout recovery, reducing symptoms of PMS and menopause, improving sleep quality has also been shown to support CBD and, overall, help you become more balanced. It’s for anyone who tries to give their lives a bit better comfort and calm — and who doesn’t want that?

2. THE MISCONCEPTION: It takes a long time to start to feel the effects.

THE FACT: You don’t have to wait to to feel the incredible benefits. How long it takes for CBD to get started varies between people and depends on the form that you take. For example, because they are sublingually absorbed, you may feel the effects of tinctures and sprays quicker. Softgels, gum, and protein powders are digested and can take longer to get started.

There are myths that it will take weeks to sense the benefits for long-term consequences. Take our seven-day challenge, and after just seven days, you may experience less anxiety, peace, and lower muscle and joints! Again, this varies from person to person, but you usually start feeling the advantages in a week.

3. The MISCONCEPTION: CBD will make you sleepy.

THE FACT: CBD helps achieve balance, peace, and tranquility; however, it does not cause you to be tired. Indeed, Our cbdMD Gummies provide an excellent addition to your morning routine to help you feel centric and focussed all day long. Our Green Roads Bedtime CBD Gummies is the way to go if you’re looking for a better evening of rest. They will be enhanced by melatonin, a natural sleep-regulating hormone, and L-theanine, an amino acid. Together with the calming effects of CBD, these compounds will help you to sleep relaxation and rejuvenate.

4. THE MISCONCEPTION: CBD can be addictive. THE FACT: The addiction to CBD does not appear to exist. In a World Health Organization report, “evidence from well-controlled human research shows that CBD is not associated with the potential for abuse.”

5. THE MISCONCEPTION: All CBD Productions provide the same benefits.

THE FACT: Every type of CBD is different, so you and your lifestyle need to choose the most appropriate form.


THE FACT: CBD doesn’t mean marijuana; it won’t make you feel high. CBD and THC are both cannabinoids found in the plant. CBD isn’t poisonous and isn’t psychoactive, so it can’t get you high. In marijuana is found the psychosis of THC. Extensive spectrum CBD undergoes additional treatment to remove the THC component at levels not detectable. Full-spectrum CBD contains THC trace amounts (less than 3 percent), but you won’t be high in that amount.