CBD Oil For Sleep & Insomnia

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Sleep problems are one of the most common complaints for adults in primary care. They are associated with a decline in overall health status and perception of poor health and can have negative personal and social consequences. The term insomnia is variously defined and can describe a symptom and/or a disorder. It involves dissatisfaction with sleep quantity or quality and is associated with one or more of the following subjective complaint(s): difficulty with sleep initiation, difficulty maintaining sleep, or early morning waking with inability to return to sleep. Individuals with sleep problems also report higher levels of anxiety, physical pain and discomfort, and cognitive deficiencies. Insomnia may be associated with long-term health consequences, including increased morbidity, respiratory disease, rheumatic disease, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular conditions, and diabetes. While insomnia is typically transient, some cases are persistent and can last for years.

In this book you will learn how to get a better sleep using CBD and how to get rid of Insomnia.

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