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Don’t get caught in a Free CBD Scam!

With the CBD industry comfortably one of the fastest-growing medical industries around, everyone wants to be involved. Like any other intellectual ‘gold rush’, companies are very keen to get you to use their products over the competition.

However, in a rush to find the best deals, some of us are falling for CBD scam messages which are very much problematic. Not only are these scams leading to problems for people, but they can also become very expensive mistakes.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is one of the most respected names in US business. They have raised the alarm on the growing number of free CBD scams which are being run. Indeed, they note that their BBB Scam Tracker has found copious proof of these scams being run. Like most scams, they start out offering something too good to be true – a free trial.

After a short period of time, though, many people are being billed for hundreds of dollars that they have, via the trial, agreed to pay.

The ads look professional, and they are often well-marketed, so they blend in with legitimate free trial offers. All that you have to do for these scams is pay a few dollars for the shipping and handling costs to get your hands on some free CBD oils. In some cases, the product even comes with an endorsement from a celebrity name.

However, the scam comes from the ‘agreement’ hidden away in the free trial that you are agreeing to join an expensive monthly subscription. With your credit card details, they can carry out the costly subscription. Cancelling the subscriptions is often fraught with difficulty, with the scammers keen to find any excuse under the sun to avoid paying out. Some even claim there is a ‘cancellation window’ you have missed.

How do I avoid being caught out with a CBD scam?

Since many people are finding these scam costs are recurring even if they cancel the subscription, you should do everything you can to avoid a CBD scam. To do that, we recommend that you do the following:

1. Spend some time looking into the company. There are many legitimate free CBD offers out there that you can try. Look for reviews and responses from other people on social media and online.

2. Check the company out on the BBB. If they are not listed or have a negative reputation, it is probably a good sign that you should try out another CBD trial.

3. Read every letter of the terms and agreements. Even if the company comes with an excellent reputation, never skim or glaze over those agreement terms. Never agree to anything you don’t understand.

4. Check your statements each day after signing up. Once you join any free CBD trial – even a legitimate one – check your credit card statements for at least fourteen days afterward for payment fees.

CBD is a wonderful product, but sadly many have found ways to make money off the use of the product. From faked celebrity endorsements to high-price charges, there are many downsides to fake CBD scam trials. So, spend some time looking into the companies, evaluate the offer, read the terms, and always double-check your credit card statements after sign-up.

Don’t let CBD scam offers put you off trying CBD out – pick the right offer, and you can enjoy a stress-free trial.