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Is CBD safe for cats?

As a cat owner or any kind of pet owner, caring for your animals is very important. Finding ways to look after them and care for their well-being becomes not only your job but your meaningful duty. With that in mind, you might wish to look to give your cat CBD products. CBD for cats and pets has become very common today. Before you administer your cat its first dosage, though, it is important that you understand what you are doing so that the treatment has the best chance of being a roaring success.

CBD is the ‘non-high’ part of the cannabis plant and has been shown to help with various issues from nausea to anxiety to physical pain. Your cat has the ability to enjoy the benefits of CBD, but you have to be pretty careful about how you manage this part of the process. With over 100 active compounds in a cannabis plant, making sure your cat gets CBD alone is very important.

When we give our cats CBD, it interacts with their endocannabinoid system, or ES, and can play a significant role in bringing around day-to-day balance.

How do I give CBD to my cat or another pet?

So, the challenge stems from making sure you give your cat the right CBD dosage. While it does not contain any of the ‘high’ impact found in other compounds, the dosage is essential. As a human, we place our CBD droplets under the tongue. However, try doing that with a cat, and you will probably get bitten!

So, the best solution is to put the CBD droplets into the food of your cat. It will take longer to work than getting it under the tongue, but it saves any headaches and hassles. It will work, in time, and should help your cat to feel generally more relaxed and less anxious.

In terms of dosage, you want to base it on the body weight of your cat. A cat should always start with a smaller dose, due to their generally small size. Try and make sure that you find a CBD for pets solution, as these contain <0.3% THC and thus you have nothing to worry about your cat getting ‘high’ from the process.

When choosing a product, ensure that it comes with a Certificate of Analysis, and that it comes with a safe extraction process that is free from products like butane or propane. Lastly, ensure that the plant the CBD comes from is grown organically and that any other ingredients – such as carrier oils – are safe for use with your cat.

Are there are any side effects to CBD with cats?

The main side-effects to look out for with your cat will be an upset stomach (often when you give it a higher dose) and a sense of drowsiness. Make sure you pay close attention to the latter, as it could impact their balance temporarily while they get used to the feeling of the CBD working on their system.

CBD is shown to help cats with numerous issues, from reducing inflammation to managing nausea through to anxiety and pain reduction. As more studies are needed to understand what CBD can do for coats, though, we recommend maintaining smaller doses and keeping a close eye on how your cat reacts to the process.

With more information to come on CBD for pets, you should always take precautions with how much you give your cat. Over time, you should find that your cat can enjoy the experience of taking and using CBD with a minimum of fuss.